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ServoTAG™ EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) Tag Applicator

Security at 750 tags a minute

servoTAG machineMore and more consumer products manufacturers and major retailers are specifying that security tags be included in their packaging, often preferring that the tags be placed inside the package. For Packaging suppliers, this is a problem as their production lines always run faster than security tag applicators can apply tags. Consequently, the packaging operation is slowed dramatically to the point where additional shifts must be allocated to handle the required tagging.

The new ServoTAG security tag applicator eliminates this bottleneck. It operates at folder/gluer speeds of 1000 belt feet per minute or faster depending upon factors such as carton size, spacing and target area. Unlike competing units, which use an air blast to blow the security tags onto the substrate, ServoTAG maintains full mechanical control of the tags up to the moment they are affixed to the package. Hence it holds placement tolerances of +/- 1/16 to 1/8 inch in direction of travel despite speeds of 2 to 3 times faster than the competition.

ServoTag applies the tags in either in-flow or cross-flow direction with minimal change-over time. It takes only minutes to rotate the applicator drum 90 degrees and reroute the security tags' from a separately mounted roll stand directly behind the machine. The unwind stands are located outside of the machine frames and when spent are quickly replaced with new ones.

The entire unit is mounted on locking casters and can easily be moved from gluer to gluer or wherever another application is desired. The applicator head is cantilevered and can accomodate most makes of folders/gluers. The head is mounted so it is able to independently level in any direction allowing the gluer to be in line and provide maximum security.

Design and construction of ServoTAG incorporates the latest high performance full servo drive controls along with top-of-the-line Allen Bradley™ PLC control logic for reliability .


dotElectrical: 220 volt, single phase, 30 amps
dotAir pressure: 5 bar (75psi)
dotAir volume: Zero except when changing tag rolls
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes without prior notice

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